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I’m a no nonsense kind of gal, I prefer the truth, please don’t sugar coat things. On the other hand, I am sensitive, so please be patient and kind. sometimes a hug is all we need... sometimes a little more. I get emotionally involved and attached easily so if your intention is to hurt or use me please move along... my family and I won’t tolerate it or allow it to happen... you would not like my daughter when she is pissed. 😡 LOL

I’m open minded, loving and understanding, I am not totally jaded by life but I also am careful and expect someone to understand my need to be sure of someone and that may include a bit of checking up on them. I will never give you reason not to trust me, I hope for the same in return.

I enjoy the simpler things in life such as fishing. crabbing and sitting by the water. 🏖 I love boating but don’t get to go often. I used to love horse back riding but haven’t been in years and probably can’t ride now because of a screwed up back. Would love to try sometime though, I love me a cowboy!! 🐴💖 I love amusement parks!! 🎪🎡🎢 I can’t ride the rides to much now as it’s pretty painful but that doesn’t stop me from going and having fun!! I really hope to get back to Disney World someday and take the cruise and then head to the parks!!✈️ 🚢 I am like a child and stop whenever I see a carnival. 🎡 I love the games! I love Halloween and going through haunted houses!! 😈 I actually worked a couple of them years ago and it was a blast... i was also a ghost hunter!! Lol I am very much a child at heart!! Love playing games with my grandchildren and have a cool XBOX my daughter and son in law got me for Christmas!! 🎮 I am very patriotic and am a true Republican through and through and love our President Trump! 🇺🇸 I am sick over what happened to him and what it will do to our country now. Have a great day and be Blessed! ❤️

Dayle Allen

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