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Building Materials Installed By Experts


6565 Interchange Rd.

Lehighton, PA 18235



"No One Cares For Homes More Than We Do"

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Define your space, secure your privacy. 

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Porch Railings with Colonial spindles on front steps
Superior 950 & 500 almond railings
Porch Railings with Colonial Posts
On Guard Starling on stone wall
On Guard Siskin on slope 4' bronze aluminum
On Guard Siskin 4' black aluminum
Chainlink 6ga. commercial with barbed wire 6' galvanized
CEF Kensington 5' to 6' transition almond vinyl
CEF Lakeland with 6' to 4' taper almond vinyl
Chainlink 5' high w. top and bottom rails
Chainlink 4' black on black with gate
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