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Why do people study languages?

I'm not talking about learning a new language, but linguistics in general. For example, what's the point of studying historical or socio linguistics?

How often should I study languages?

I am currently doing Russian & Dutch in my spare time. My current schedule is this: Monday Dutch ConversationTuesday Dutch VocabWednesday Russian ConversationThursday Dutch GrammarFriday RussianSaturday RussianSunday DutchHow can organise them better?I do about 30 minutes 1 hour a night as well, should i do longer shorter?Thank You Bolshaya Spaseeba Dank U Wel

If i went on to study languages (ie french, german and spanish)?

Q what sort of careers am i opening up for myself. Do you think it would be ok to use pay me to do your homework and do sociology and psychology along with a foreign language or two

What's a good way to study languages? I've been studying Swedish for about 7 months, I feel I've come along way but I still have trouble with listening and vocabulary. I'd say I'm ok with grammar all things considered, does anyone have any tips on how to get a good grasp of the language faster? I talk on skype, read texts and study the vocab with flashcards, write my own texts, watch movies with Swedish subtitles and copy what they say till I get it right, do grammar exercises, etc. Any other good tips?

Is there anyone who wants to study languages at the university , besides me ? I'm a senior at the moment , and I'm willing to study languages next year , I believe I'll be a great linguist. But , some people has told me that they're not worth studying at the university , you can learn them on your own but If I studied anything else , such as Biology , I won't have any free time to have languages courses . What I know is that learning a language needs many years of study and focus .What is your opinion ?Thanks in advance

Program to study languages abroad?

According to homework answers free there was a company that offers languages courses abroad in several different ways stay with a host family, live on your own, ... I think it was Apple something? But I can't remember does anyone know what I'm talking about or can you offer a program like it?Thank you I like that Eurolingua better than the one I was talking aboutBy the way for those wondering, I did find the program I was talking about before. It is called Apple Languages.

Is studying languages worth it in university ?

I'm senior at the moment , and intending to study math homework help and languages next year , like Japanese or Arabic . But the problem is I'm not sure its really worth it to study any language at the university , people say to me that you can learn any language by yourself or by travelling to the country you want to learn it's language . Actually , i'm infatuated with languages . I think about them all the time , and i want to learn more and more . Moreover , my father doesn't agree on studying languages because he thinks they are silly and unprofitable . what do you think ?? please help me choose the best for me . Thanks

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