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In essence, this book provides students with an understanding of the basic issues in Indonesian culture and society as they relate to the teaching and learning of writing. The emphasis is on students' skills in analyzing texts and learning strategies for writing. Many exercises have been designed for students to practice analyzing the texts in a concrete manner. The book addresses the concerns of effective teaching of English in Indonesia and assists teachers in selecting and applying appropriate strategies for teaching writing in English. This book can be used to instruct the students at the Level 1 of English Language Teaching. The purpose of this study was to investigate the qualities that Malaysian bilingual students need to develop in order to use English effectively and positively. Participants were 13 children, aged between 8 and 12 years old, who were part of a group of 17 children from a language course at a government primary school. A semi-structured interview method was used, in which the participants were interviewed about their views of learning English, perceptions of the importance of learning English, and their experiences in learning English. Data were analysed using a qualitative content analysis. The findings suggested that the participants had distinct attitudes and qualities in learning English, which were categorized into five main groups: understanding English grammar, mastering English in their native language, mastering the English language, mastering the culture, and mastering the knowledge and skills of the English language. The findings of this study provide a deeper understanding of the positive aspects that Malaysian bilingual students need to develop in order to use English effectively and positively. Reviews: "One of the first books about using REI strategies in the Malaysian context. "-- (Bauer, S., Rutter, J., Hamilton, D., & Marteau, T. (2004). The Uses of Literacy, A Study of Literacy and Involvement in a Selected Group of Malaysian Women. International Journal of the Sociology of Language, 146(2), 115-136. This book is recommended for all secondary school teachers and all primary school teachers. The book can be used by secondary school teachers to facilitate and promote the use of English in their own classes and by primary school teachers to enhance their use of English."-- (Agus, N. (2007). A book for students: Essentials of English for use at Secondary School. Asian Teacher, 29(1), 82-83. "The strategies and the techniques illustrated in this book will help teachers improve their use of English in the classroom. "-- (Biswal, L. A. (2008




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