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Updated: May 14, 2019

Country Junction - World's Largest General Store

6565 Interchange Rd. - Lehighton, PA 18235


May 12, 2019


After more than 13 years, since their catastrophic fire, Country Junction “World’s Largest General Store”

is looking forward the opening of the new 50,000 sq ft addition.

Country Junction has always been about FAMILY. Keeping with the nostalgia of the old store, the new

addition will offer more hands on interactive activities for kids and parents and grandparents. “Families

are always bringing family and friends to Country Junction as a tradition. It’s makes for a wonderful day trip

filled with memories”, says Jim Everett.

Many factors were involved in their decision to build. “We increasingly see a need for family oriented

experiences. We are introducing new directions to include family participation, such as the arcade, flipping

bumper cars, & themed parties, says Jan Everett.

“Hence the new COUNTRY JUNCTION VILLAGE, which hosts The Great Pocono Pumpkin Festival, in October and

many more events.”

As always, the “streets” in the new addition will be filled with unusual and always changing treasures.

The pet store, one of the stores most popular departments, has been expanded. A dog washing station,

where you can wash your dog yourself is in the works, and grooming is available. And, of course, man’s

best friend is always invited to visit the store.

Kids love the “red buttons”, where the farmer and his animals, and characters on the Yellow Brick Road come alive.

The theater will be recreated into a party zone and there will always be activities offered for kids in the new “Your

Country Square”, such as pumpkin painting, crafts and room for parties, reunions, receptions and recitals.

The pirate ship, and the new Country Junction Village, along with the new addition, offers many options for your

next party.

The original store, which included Ashley furniture, will now find a home again.

Along with the much favored “Barn door Restaurant” there’s an Ice Cream Parlor.

Of course, Sorrenti’s Wine Cellar, award winning wine, made right here in Saylorsburg, PA, offers wine tasting.

Country Junction roasts their own peanuts and make their peanut butter on the premises, and the

new Country Junction Bakery boasts cookies and treats and pies, all made from scratch, even the crusts.

The Street corner Candy is always a favorite. Fudge is also made right in the store and offers customers free

samples to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Then there’s the FREE PETTING FARM, where kids can pet an alpaca, and feed the ducks, chickens, and

enjoy the guinea hens scoot around the property. Kids can play in the playground, negotiate the race

track, and build sand castles. Kids will love the always present characters on weekends.

Many more ideas are floating around as Country Junction continues it’s journey to make Country Junction you’re

destination for the best family fun and great memories.

A 2019 late Spring opening is planned.

It’s a Wonderful World!

Country Junction “World’s Largest General Store”

Rt 209 (6565 Interchange Rd.) Lehighton PA 18235

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