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 We provide the tree and the decorations from store inventory- you provide the Winning TREE (must be family friendly)!

Teams are listed below.



1st Place Team - each team member will receive Pizza Party, $25.00 Store Gift Card, $50.00 Fun Card

2nd Place Team- each team member will receive a $25.00 Store gift card, $50.00 Fun Card

3rd Place Team- each member will receive a $25.00 store gift card


Your TREE will be due by Nov. 18th

Judging will be done by the public 

Winners will be announced Nov. 27th and TREES will be for sale on Nov. 27th




1) Receiving, Streets and Maintenance - See Cubby Keiper to join team

2) Front End cashiers, candy- See Kathy Neives to join team

3) Arcade, Wine, Ice Cream- See Tyler Snyder to join team

4) Pets- See Alicia Munoz to join team

5) TST- See Amanda Wentz to join team

6) Building Material, Ace - See Tammy Markley to join team

7) Rental- See Lee Shoenberger to join team

8) Central- See Bob Everett to join team

9) Ashley Lehighton- See Taryn Burke to join team

10) Ashley Wilke-Barre/Hazelton- See Jarrett Malkin to join team

11) Administration and IT- See Shari Keiper to join team

The Tyler Rule:

Judging must be done by the public only! All judging most be done in the store. No self promoting, department or team promoting on social media.

Trees will be in receiving. All items used must be written off by your manager.

Any questions, contact Diane Sander 610-554-1571

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